Custom Residential and Commercial  Painting by Frank Dougherty


Frank began art training at the early age of eleven  under the tutorage of Frederick and Josephine Reiniger.  Fred Reiniger was a student at Boston's Fenway School and studied under such notables as John Sloane, George Lowler and George Bridgeman.   Josephine was an accomplished artist and teacher. 

Frank's love of art continued into high school under the direction of Fran Chauncy, a teacher, mentor and one who encouraged Frank to continue his education in the arts.  Chauncy was also once a student of Josephine Reiniger. 

Hussian  School of Art in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, enabled Frank to experience different art mediums under the direction of many skilled, artisans/teachers.

Frank continues to paint and sculpt in his studio at the foot of Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Enlarged Version





Painting on metal door







Metal Door

Faux bricks


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